French Dance

French traditional dancing encompases a huge range of geographically and culturally separate groups

Some of the dances we do:

Bourrées Mazurkas, Waltzes, and Scottisches (Central France)

An Dro, Hanter Dro, Laridé, Gavotte, Plinn, Kost ar C’Hoat (Brittany)

Branle, Sauts, Rondeau, Congo (South West)

5 and 8 and 11-time Waltzes, Zwiefachers (Alsace)

Avant deux, Marachine, Ronds (Poitou and Vendee)


See the links below and on the workshop page



MUSIC and DANCE links

Congo de Captieux

Gavotte de L'Aven (first part)

Gavotte Dardoup

This is quite long but contains clips of different bourrees

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